Terms & Conditions


1. To register for a course with Pravin Mishra, you should be attaining the age of 18.

2. A student’s registration and enrollment for courses are obligatory agreements to complete the course and payment of full fees as applicable.

3. The application form must be signed by the student to prove his/her consent towards following the terms and conditions of Pravin Mishra.


1. All fees are payable in INR currency.

2. The mode of payment is online and to the account provided by Pravin Mishra.

Cancellation and refund:

1. Please note once you have registered, keeping in mind the nature of the program, we can not issue any refunds once the program starts.

2. The registration and enrollment fees for any course at Pravin Mishra is non -refundable.

3. Pravin Mishra may terminate your course in the case of serious misconduct and no refund is allowed. So, you have to behave properly during the courses.


1. You have to attend the classes more than 70 percent of the time, if you want to have the certificate of completion of the course.

2. There is no opportunity to reschedule the classes, in case you miss the classes. Only possible in some circumstances, when Pravin Mishra and team will decide to reschedule classes.

Photographs and films:

1. You are not allowed to take photographs and record the videos in any way , until with written consent from the management.

2. Pravin Mishra may take videos and photos for promotional purposes with the consent of students.