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Upskill and transform your IT career in AWS Cloud with the
AWS Career Growth Program (AWS-CGP)


(Earn up to 40 lakhs per year)

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Sanket Parate

DevOps Enthusiast 

I like AWS Career Growth Program (AWS-CGP) because of the following reasons: 1. The curriculum of AWS-CGP will make anyone easily learn AWS.

2. The Provided Discord Community for AWS stands out and us to go beyond learning.

3. The Support from Pravin Sir is superb. I never come across nor seen any mentor asking the mentee about the status every week. Such Support is overwhelming.

 4. The Q&A session motivates us to do the next task weekly and helps us discuss where we’re stuck.

5. The Assignment is designed to make anyone learn and do hands-on. 6. At last, I would say looking at the price of AWS-CGP it’s very affordable with such quality learning, support, and guidance at this price.

 Appreciated for valuable content, and support. Pravin Sir is a Gem of AWS.

Abhishek Kumar

Cloud Guy I AWS Certifiied

The following are reason why I’m grateful for being a member AWS-CGP Program:

1. Of the genuine zeal to help mentees to solve Assignments provided by Pravin Sir.

2. Community Help

3. rying to make portfolio as per market demands-creating Posts, Docs., Publishing Article

4. You provide a sense of connection with you, so it’s not like joined course-doing-no one to help-YOU TRY TO TAKE ALL ALONGS IS THE VERY INTERESTING THING-and I feel USP of your product

Pratik Pathak


Thank you for letting me have a chance to witness this utopia of Cloud computing where you’ve

rendered the rapture, how we see things from their grass root, the thirst to learn is getting insatiable, we are relishing this journey with you as a primate to guide us in a perfect roadmap in between these withered clouds with such avid knowledge & wisdom to teach with such synergy.

Never thought in my life that learning could be so amusing & learning various things like team building & coordinating with others, sharing & acquiring knowledge,

This course has aligned all those qualities that were missing everywhere, you have that crucial ingredient 🙂

Ajay Durga Rath

Application Development Associates

The reason why I like AWS-Career Growth Program (AWS-CGP), is because it’s unlike other training.

The main thing over here is that you get to know the true and Real Scenarios that have either been successfully implemented or failed (Overcome Later By Corrections) and You do all on your own with Demo Provided, if necessary, by Our Talent Coach @Pravin_Mishra. At last, I would say one thing

“See Brother You might be Late On Learning But Once You Fix in Speeding Up, You feel very much interested in solving all the Assignment Scenarios.

Sreenivas Sama

Cloud Application Architect (AWS)

It is very nice to come across your AWS Career Growth program. It is, indeed, great learning from your program by watching the pre-recorded videos, working on the class assignments, and attending weekly live sessions.

Through this program, you have inspired all participants on the numerous benefits of writing a blog post in our own words, for every weekly session based on our own learnings. This helps to reinforce participants’ key learnings.

I am thankful to you for all your efforts in ensuring we learn all the concepts thoroughly in a hands-on and practical approach with the walk-through of several use cases.

Laxmi Jayannavar

Assistant Professor

Thanks for the great course structure and informative content on various AWS cloud topics. This course is good to start for beginners as well as IT professionals.

The program moves upwards gradually with basic to advanced levels of AWS concepts.  Pravin Mishra is very good at explaining things in a very easy-to-understand and simple manner.

Rashmi Chawla

AWS Restart Graduate and Certified AWS Practisioner

It’s a privilege to work with you. Your internship program is well-designed and a perfect brain teaser. We are learning here by doing, exploring, and experimenting.

Pre-recorded videos help us to understand the concept thoroughly and scenarios are based on real-time use cases. I will be always grateful to you for your all-time support and guidance. Thanks for being an excellent mentor and for guiding me on the right path.

Sharika Avinash

Oracle Certified Developer Consultant I Analyst

The AWS Career Growth program is well structured with pre-recorded videos and learning resources that can be easily understood by anyone. The assignments have given me hands-on experience in several

real-time scenarios, making the learning fruitful.

Aman Maurya

Cloud Trainee || 1 x GCP Certified || AWS || Terraform

Hello Pravin Sir, I got to learn a lot of new things this IAM week, though I was familiar with the concept of security, but the way AWS did it is just awesome, and hats off to a mentor like you for making it happen in a most practical way. Thank you!

Ajay Durga Rath

Application development associate | Middleware Consultant

The Real High Time begins Now with the “Real Time Scenario ” assignments. Thanks To

Pravin Mishra Sir for the constant Guidance and the valuable virtual teaching you have been providing Kudos in advance for the Complete Hands-on time that we are going to spend with Your teaching and mentoring ideas. AWS has become a part of our new study life now.

Barun Tiwari

Lead Consultant at ITC infotech

You are amazing at what you do! Your passion and dedication to preparing this hands-on assignment on IAM are beyond words!

Thank you for getting me through this course and making me handier with the AWS skill set.

Minal Vaishnav

AWS Restart Program Instructor | Freelance Trainer | TopMate Mentor

Going through the week 3 Assignment, we got to solve real-time scenarios and it is going to help us understand the use cases of AWS services. I accept it to be a great learning experience. Thanks for all the hard work you put into designing the Assignments.

Rahul Raj

Senior Software Engineer

Thank You Pravin Mishra for launching this amazing training program. I’ve attended AWS Career Growth Program. I’ve learned a lot. Your training has helped me achieve my goals. Thanks, Pravin Mishra for creating such an amazing training workshop.

Abhishek Kumar

Consultant – DevOps

Pravin Mishra is very knowledgeable and with huge AWS experience. He was bringing up real-time examples, properly keeping the focus on theory and hands-on assignments. This was very much important that the trainer is always keeping tract, especially for exhaustive content.

Roshni Chaudhary

Software Test Engineer

When I started learning about AWS certification, I checked out your YouTube channel. It was really a good experience, and I was able to clear my certification exams. Thanks to Pravin Mishra for starting your YouTube channel. After that I attended the AWS Career Growth Program and it was a lifetime experience.

Prasant Bugga

Cloud Enthusiast – GCP,AWS,1×Azure

Here’s why I like AWS-Career Growth Program (AWS-CGP) because of its various hands-on Assignments and the chance to explore various things to complete the different Real-Life Scenarios that will be faced in companies, which results in getting more knowledge.

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you seem to stickand with your IT career growth.  You feel monotonous, stuck, bored looking at how things are shaping up. You have been looking for different opportunities in and around IT that have a dynamic environment with new learnings while making sure you get paid well. You have been discussing with your friends, colleagues, and family what next and watching a ton of YouTube videos learning new skills But don’t seem to find a solution to come out of the IT rat race.

 What if I told you, switching to AWS cloud as a career is a right way out?  

You would be like, I don’t have any experience with AWS cloud, who would give me a job? 

There is zero practical experience whatsoever. 

This is exactly Why I Created the AWS Career Growth Program (AWS-CGP)

That’s Why I Created AWS Career Growth Program (AWS-CGP)

Since 2009 I have worked with IT companies like Nordcloud (an IBM company), Eficode, Erricson, Verizon, ShepHertz Technologies, Packtup and helped them to build robust cloud IT infrastructure.

I’ve trained over 10,000+ Students around the world. I am an AWS Trainer and Instructor, AWS Community Builder, and Google Cloud Certified Trainer. Presently I am the Lead Architect, AWS at Capgemini Finland.

In my 13+ years of work experience, I’ve experienced the most common challenges, hiccups, and missing pieces that many people struggle with when it comes to starting a career in AWS.

I’ve condensed my decade-long experience into a robust 12-week training program with a strong community to support you through the entire process.

This is not some self-paced, do-it-yourself course where you watch some videos and do nothing. You can find that anywhere. This Is A 100% Practical Training Program Where You Will Learn By Doing AWS Cloud Projects And Be Industry-Ready Experience In 12 Weeks. Trust me, you will learn & achieve more in these 12 weeks than most people do in 5 years.

If You Are Ready To Learn AWS, A True Life-Changing 

Skill And Build A Fulfilling Career, Then Join Me In The 

AWS Career Growth Program (AWS-CGP)

Here’s exactly what you will learn and achieve in 12 life changing weeks.

Week 1 - Cloud Fundamentals

Week 2 - Getting Started with AWS

Week 3 - AWS Identity and Access Management

Week 4 - AWS Storage Services

Week 5 - Networking and VPC

Week 6 - AWS Compute service

Week 7 - AWS Database

Week 8 - High-Level Architecture

Week 9 - Advanced AWS Services and Mini Project

Week 10 - Security and Management Services and Live Project

Week 11 - AWS Billing and Pricing

Week 12 - Bonus Module: Unlocking secrets to Personal Branding

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Apart From This You Will Also Learn And Become Job Ready With..

Portfolio Makeover

Build the perfect profile for better connections and opportunities

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Learn how to make the perfect Portfolio in the right format

Crack The AWS Interview

Prepare and crack the AWS interview and impress them with your skills

Salary Negotiation

Know your worth and the salary you deserve.

In the ‘AWS Career Growth Program’, there are 12 weeks of learning supplemented by 11 hands-on 

practical assignments that will help you experience the practical perspective of using AWS services. 

The two projects (Mini Project – Deploy highly available architecture and Live Project) will give 

real-time industry-ready practical experience.


Real-World Scenarios

Live Projects

What’s Included In The AWS Career Growth Program (AWS-CGP)

Core training with video tutorials

Easy to understand video tutorials to form the core understanding of AWS cloud concepts.

Weekly Live Q&A sessions with Pravin Mishra (Lead Architect – AWS Finland, Capgemini)

Live interaction with Pravin Mishra once a week to clarify queries.

Lifetime access to all live session recordings

All Q&A live sessions will be recording for future reference and can be accessed for lifetime.

Access to resources to complete your assignments

Additional learning resources in the form of blogs, video tutorials and whitepapers will be shared.

Lifetime access to private Discord community

You’ll get lifetime access to our private Discord Community to network and collaborate with like-minded AWS professionals

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AWS-CGP is a practical training program. Unlike other courses that teach you only the theory, in this program, you will learn by doing.And you won’t be doing this alone, because you will have others in your cohort, who will be at the same level as you through this journey. You will also be helped by our mentors who will solve any doubts you may have with weekly live Q&A sessions.

On completion of this program, you will be all set to develop and deploy your application in the AWS Cloud. You will be well versed in all computing, database, storage, and network-related important services.

Absolutely. The program is designed to help you understand from a fundamental level and build it up to advanced concepts.

Definitely not initially. A bare minimum knowledge of bash script and YAML code will be required for some services. Otherwise, rest of the AWS can be learnt without any kind of code.

The program will last for 12 weeks. However, all the assignments will be submitted by week 11 and the last week is reserved for portfolio optimization and profile building.

Can’t make it to the live session? No problem! All sessions are recorded and you will have lifetime access to the recordings.

I would say you will need a minimum of 2-4 hours of commitment per day.

Yes, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate that you can proudly add to your portfolio.

Yes, you will need to invest about ₹800 for a domain name but apart from that, all you need to invest if your time and effort. Everything else you need will be provided to you.

The fees and different payment plans for the training program will be revealed and explained in the demo sessions.

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Thank You for Signing Up for AWS-CGP